Share this article Share Following his death his family set up a Justgiving page to raise money for the Sea Life Trust in his memory. The notes confirmed Louie was a heavy smoker and hung around with older children. Our feelings are, and have always been, with his family. Students who have been affected by his unexpected death have been supported. Mr Neate added the school is renewing its policies to make sure ‘lessons are learnt’ from Louie’s death. His mother and father said he was excited about the holiday and had discussed who he wanted to share a room with. Paying tribute to him, a statement from the Fenton family read: Louie pictured far right was a member of the Hertford Sea Scouts. His family is raising money for the Sea Life Trust in his memory ‘Louie had a wonderful sense of humour and an infectious giggle.

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Year of the Dog is a warm and quirky comedy that never condescends to its eccentric characters. An inexplicably cheerful office worker whose somewhat sad excuse for a life seems to revolve around her pet beagle Pencil, Peggy Molly Shannon seems to relate better to her four-legged friend than she does to most humans. Most of her person-to-person interaction revolves around doting on other people’s children and treating her co-workers to daily donuts, and Peggy just doesn’t find much solace in the company of her know-it-all sister-in-law Bret Laura Dern or her anxiety-prone boss Robin Josh Pais.

When Peggy’s dog Pencil is taken before his time, the devastated dog-lover is wracked with guilt.

Holistic Holiday at Sea presents the ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit. Share the experience and wisdom of some of the world’s leading authorities and experts in vegan living and natural health. Cruise the Western Caribbean on one of the world’s premier Italian luxury liners, the MSC Divina, which combines the style and sophistication of Europe with American comforts and convenience.

Try Online Dating When You’re Transgender Fear of rejection and safety concerns plague transgender people who date online. A new dating website wants to change that. He joined the online dating site OKCupid six years ago, about three years before he transitioned. He dates men and women, both transgender and cisgender a term for people who aren’t trans. While some have criticized OKCupid for showing people false or manipulated content as an experiment, the site’s failure to accommodate transgender users may be a larger and more long-standing ethical dilemma.

In , an online petition asking OKCupid to accommodate trans and genderqueer people received more than 1, signatures. Sleidi said that she is “very gay,” and some of her transgender friends are uncomfortable using OKCupid. From the beginning, she knew it was important to allow people to identify as queer and transgender in their profiles. The other Mesh founders, who are straight men, agreed. Mesh, which is in pre-beta, allows users to identify as male, female, transman, transwoman, or non-binary—a person who doesn’t identify as male or female.

Categories for sexual orientation are straight, gay, bisexual, or queer. Users can also tell Mesh if they are interested in meeting men, women, or everyone. Like OKCupid, Mesh has an algorithm that helps determine compatibility.

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Lodge are the cast iron manufacturer of choice. Ice cream maker Making your own vegan ice cream is pretty exciting. Anyone into vegan baking will have heard of and possibly experimented with aquafaba, the water from a chickpea tin, which somehow miraculously whips up into meringues and can be used as an egg white replacer.

Spiritual Singles is the best spiritual dating site to meet mindful singles. Ready for a conscious relationship? Join an evolved, conscious dating site.

By Leslie Goldman Alter December 7, Getty Images Stephanie Schwartz, a New Yorker who works in retail, tried a day vegan challenge with a friend in because “I wanted to lose a few pounds and see if I could get visible abs, like all the yogi vegan Instagram girls, and this seemed like a healthy way to do it. The trial period came and went and she stuck with it, absorbing the plan’s “cruelty-free” ethos. As her passion for animal welfare grew, though, something else did too: Instead of toning up, within four months “I gained 12 pounds, lost muscle tone, and felt so bloated ,” she says.

She also overheated easily and lost her period. Like 70 percent of people who try going vegan, Stephanie ultimately went back to eating some animal products. Interest in veganism, the stricter, coconut milk-ier cousin of vegetarianism, has surged in recent years. In Hollywood and on social media, it seems as if every flat-bellied celeb Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lopez , Lea Michele is reported to have tried the lifestyle, and luminous-skinned fitfluencers vegan chef Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows; blogger Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella; Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, the local-organic-raw pioneer behind FullyRawKristina have been touting the lifestyle.

Some sources show that the number of vegans in the U. It’s not surprising that an increasing number of women have taken Schwartz’s tack, looking beyond veganism’s moral raison d’etre and health benefits—which include a reduced risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, blood-sugar issues, hypertension, and overall mortality—to a hope of weight loss.

After all, while veganism is not considered a weight-loss diet per se, multiple studies have shown that people who shun animal products tend to be lighter than their omnivorous counterparts.

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I obviously have a lot of love for this non-dairy milk and it seems to be taking over the world. Almond milk is creamy, deliciously nutty, and blends well into just about anything. My brand of choice is Whole Foods as it is carrageenan free. Please see my post, Carrageenan in Our Foods for a list of dairy and non-dairy products that contain this potentially harmful ingredient.

a guide to chicago’s vegan and best vegan-friendly restaurants Note: As of this moment, this is a simple list of Chicago’s vegan and vegetarian restaurants. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll have listings for all our favorite vegan-friendly omni restaurants, as well as all the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Chicago’s suburbs.

New York offers a diverse selection of activities to engage the minds and speak to the hearts of children. This multi-level underground museum houses a plethora of interactive exhibits designed to both entertain and engage the minds of young children, ranging from a working greenhouse to World Brooklyn, which is a section of rooms portraying various cultures from New York City, such as an Italian pizzeria and a replica of an MTA bus. Totally Tots is an area dedicated to children under five that features daily art experiences.

The museum is available to rent for birthday parties and other private events. Brooklyn Children’s Museum 2. One World Observatory The One World Observatory is an observation deck in Manhattan located on floors of One World Trade Center, which is the tallest building in the western hemisphere and offers stunning views in every direction from the main observatory on the th floor. Guests can take in views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and the water. A glass disc in the floor also allows guests to look down onto the city streets stories below.

Floor features three separate dining areas, ranging from a casual cafe to a fine dining restaurant.

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Makes 6 Pancakes Time: Any holiday, really, but mostly on Jewish Xmas. I always celebrate with my mom, but your family member mileage may vary. Restaurants do some of their best business, the movie theaters are packed.

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This year we decided to expand on that a bit and offer our picks for the best vegan restaurants in the city. Some of them are old proven standbys that stick to their guns and let no meat or dairy reach their kitchens. Others on this list are more than willing to accommodate vegan customers. Most important, they make even the indiscriminate omnivores on Chicagoist’s staff drool in anticipation. We encourage you to offer your vegan restaurant picks in the comments.

Amitabul This indiscriminate omnivore has been a fan of Dave Choi’s cooking ever since his days at Jim’s Grill in Lakeview a seeming lifetime ago. Choi still attracts a loyal, dedicated clientele at this “no meat, no egg, no dairy” restaurant in the shadows of Superdawg and Norwood Park. I’ve raved previously about Amitabul’s “cure all” soup, “cure-all” soup, a spicy broth teeming with mushrooms, tofu, noodles, seaweed and vegetables that will have you sweating out of pores in your body that have been clogged for years.

But Amitabul also offers a variety of soups, stews, dry pancakes and arguably the best bi bim bop in Chicago. If you’re lucky, Choi will be in house, encouraging you to switch to a vegan lifestyle. Chicago Raw Even limited to only raw plants, Chicago Raw creates some delicious treats.

The 9 Best Vegan Restaurants In Chicago: Chicagoist

I commented that most vegans are anything but boring, and moved on. Shortly after, we became addicted to the show Billions. After ravaging season one, we were excited to devour season two. The new character on season two is a androgynous trader named Taylor. The vegan character on Billions If viewers had to guess the diet of this character, most might assume vegan.

Join a vegetarian society for vegetarian food and learn about a vegetarian diet. Go vegan with a raw food or macrobiotic diet. A Veggie, vegitarian, raw food or macrobiotic diet can help becoming vegan and having a vegan lifestyle.

Renata Yagolnitzer ] Since our last High Line guide came out, the popular elevated park and surrounding area have seen some interesting food-related developments. In addition to various restaurant openings in Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market has seen some interesting new offerings, and vendors have started selling food on the High Line itself. So where should you eat while walking the High Line?

With the Meatpacking District on one end and Chelsea on the other, you’ve got options. Here are our picks. Since vendor applications are processed on a yearly basis, some of them may or may not reopen in the spring. But don’t be surprised to see an outpost of Williamsburg’s BrisketTown , offering brisket and ribs while New Jersey-based The Taco Truck sells tacos, tortas, chilaquiles, salad, and tortilla chips. Both are solid lunch options. Craig Cavallo] For all things Chelsea Market, a collection of specialty food shops and restaurants, check out our previous guides to lunch and sweets in the building.

Don’t miss some of the city’s best tacos at Los Tacos No. Our pick for New York’s best fish and chips. Also check out Tea and Sympathy next door for higher end British fare, British candy and other gifts. A cheery spot for cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, and all sorts of American baked goods.

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Animal product-free versions of almost any business can be found in Germany’s largest city, from butchers’ shops to singles’ nights. But getting lost in the eyes of a romantic prospect over grilled tofu is far from all that’s on offer for the city’s 80, vegans — around 10 percent of the nationwide figure, vegetarian association Vebu estimates. That’s obvious from the roughly 60 vegan restaurants on offer in the German capital counted by specialist website Happy Cow — far outstripping the 24 in Paris and 40 in London, both cities more than twice the size of Berlin.

That figure has ballooned since , when there were just three completely animal-free restaurants according to Vebu. Schivelbeiner Strasse in the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood in northeast Berlin, popular with startup workers and young parents, has become a “Vegan Avenue”.

Maya GottfriedVegan Love: Dating and Partnering As a VeganMaya Gottfried is the author of Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal and Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary. She is a contributor to VegNews, People Online, The Huffington Post, and Lilith Magazine.

She volunteered with Food Not Bombs , [3] an anarchist organization that provides free vegan meals to the homeless and needy. The inspiration to create her own cooking show came while watching the Food Network and wondering to herself why there were no vegan shows. Bands played on the show, and even helped out with the cooking. The Post Punk Kitchen was co-hosted by Terry Hope Romero and aired on community access television in both Manhattan and Brooklyn between and The book also includes multiple references to the punk-rock subculture with Moskowitz visibly sporting a t-shirt from British anarcho-punk band Crass on the book’s cover.

In , she was in the process of opening a restaurant. So if someone says, I’m going to become an activist! I’m going to stand on a street corner and preach about veganism! And then they go ahead and do that but no one listens and no one becomes vegan, then is that activism? On the other hand, maybe there’s a girl in the middle of nowhere who loves animals and decided to bake vegan. Moskowitz and the crew collect old ceramic cat figurines, upcycle them with a coat of teal paint, and number them for authenticity.

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It’s now quite easy to navigate through the myriad options by alphabetical, geographic, or cuisine-based sorting. As I mentioned in my previous post, “If you’re looking for a kosher establishment with plentiful vegetarian and vegan options, there’s no need to check both vegan and kosher restaurant guides when you can check only one list.

For them and for people trying to pick a restaurant to meet them at , this list is an invaluable resource.

Nov 13,  · New York City Event Calendar: The Best Things to Do This Month The ultimate calendar of fun things to do in NYC today, this weekend, and beyond. Rally • Nov 5.

Well, this summer is the season for you, as vegan and vegetarian festival season is right around the corner! Enjoy this list of food festivals around North America and find a group of like-minded individuals near you. With locations in New Jersey, servicing the tri-state area and Florida, everyone along the east coast and sink their teeth into something not only cruelty free but delicious. Enjoy keynote speakers, cooking demonstrations, as well as a kids area for your little ones.

Complete with T-shirts and totes to show off your veggie pride, this is the perfect way to take a break from your busy life and enjoy yourself! With a DJ playing your favorite tunes and vendors offer your favorite foods, the festival is also a location to have an open discussion about animal rights and social justice.

Let your passion fly as you get your grub on in beautiful Baltimore. Sink your teeth into a savory burger after sipping on the finest of wines.

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His father was a public school administrator and his mother was a New York City park administrator. His brothers are painter Daniel Simmons Jr. In , Simmons co-produced and appeared in the film Krush Groove. Simmons’s connections with well known rap artists helped to promote the clothing line to a wide audience. The influence of designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger gave the clothing line a classic look and feel.

New York Vegans have a new date night spot: Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn Now vegans can enjoy dinner and a movie too at Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn, with new menu items including the Beyond Burger and.

It is even more draining to deal with people who claim to love one species while failing to love the other. There are numerous vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the neighborhood and Quantum Leap is my absolute favorite for brunch. Escaping the cold winter of New York City at a veg spot, sipping on hot coffee with soy milk and eating scrambled tofu while reading thought provoking text is perfection after a morning of teaching.

On this particular Saturday the small restaurant was not busy and the coffee was extra delicious. I moved on to read another article when a young woman was seated at the table next to me. I was sitting at a small rectangular table for two with enough room for one person on each side. Her table was identical. My back was facing the wall of the restaurant and her face was facing the wall. I found this bizzare considering how much space she had: Yet, she chose to place her backpack across from me.

Mind you she acted like I was completely invisible sitting across from her bag. I was so annoyed! I left Quantum Leap feeling angry, annoyed, and frustrated. Fast forward two hours later that same day.

WHAT I EAT VEGAN In New York City – FAMILY VLOG – Nina and Randa